Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shantabai, the Shutterbug

Chances are you wouldn't have ever heard of Palda. This non-descript town in Madhya Pradesh, is home to Shantabai, a poor farmer's wife. Shantabai shrugged away opposition from family elders, took a small loan of Rs. 5,000, managed to purchase a second-hand camera and embarked on her remarkable journey as a professional photographer.

She started on a small scale, making pictures of friends and neighbours. Initially people ridiculed her choice of profession but she ignored the jibes and focused on honing her newly acquired skills with single minded determination to become a successful photographer.

Gradually, as she built up a reputation, her clientele grew. Often now she is hired to take photographs at weddings, family functions and festivities in the village. The fact that she is a woman also gives her specific advantages with other women, who would not unveil their faces in front of male photographers.

Read Shantabai's incredible story here.

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