Friday, January 2, 2009

Story of the Day January 2, 2009

The Right Way!
In this picture, the lines written by photographer are interesting, it reads ‘Choose the right way and trust no one! Listen to your heart! That’s red, and the way is black!’ To me it is not a photograph. It is an expression. It is like an expression of a budding poet who is trying to give words to a visual. It seems story of heart broken person, who has experienced lots of ups and downs in the life; by calling path black, and not trusting anyone. Another supporting element to this thought is circle around the arrow (which is called path) in image. Like a shield to path protecting all the time.


Nargis said...

wht crap!! been following this blog, but this is shite! wht u guys going on abt?? lost it, lost me.

Make History said...

Nargis these are just my views and interpretation as a photographer. Alok

DigiMaverick said...

Hey i'll agree with Nargis to some extent .....@ alok u can put in your views as Alok & not "Make History"....@ Nargis.. would suggest that we maintain some amount of decency in the way we express disappointments ... Its an open forum.... n appreciate that u follow it...... N believe we are matured to understand this... U shudnt stop following ..My suggestion:)